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How-To Guide: Types of Locks and How to Pick them

Looking for a comprehensive, lock-specific picking guide? LockPickShop has all of the info you need for your particular lock ...more

Home Security Products

When Billy Joel sang about honesty being such a lonely word, he never envisioned today's world ...more

Getting Started with Lockpicking

If you're new to the world of lock picking, you might have concerns about what tools you need to get started ...more

Improving your Lockpicking Skills

Maybe you're searching for practice locks so you can begin a new trade or just as a hobby. Maybe you already have the know-how ...more

How to Use An Air Pump Wedge

An air pump wedge is an excellent vehicle entry tool for professional locksmiths and repo professionals who need an easy, hassle-free way to pry a car door open ...more

How Lock Bumping Works

Lock bumping is a method of opening a pin tumbler lock or a cylinder lock using a tool called a bump key or rapping key and slight pressure ...more

How Much is a Locksmith?

The cost of a locksmith depends on the type of service, the hour of the day and whether or not your concern requires backup or specialized tools ...more

How to Read A Key Number

Keys are typically printed with an alphanumeric code called a key identification number, a key code or a key number that allows locksmiths and companies to replicate keys ...more

Lock Picks

Lock picks are essential tools for the professional locksmith, the student and the hobbyist alike ...more

Auto Opening Tools

Auto opening tools have saved a great many car windows from untimely demises ...more

Slim Jim

Slim jims are a whole lot more than beef jerky. These products are used for a very important purpose--unlocking car doors when there is no key present for that task ...more


Lockpicks come in many shapes and sizes, as well they must. Any locksmith could tell you how difficult it is to pick a lock without a pick of the right size ...more

Lock Picking Sets

Lock picking sets can be incredibly helpful to the busy locksmith...more

Lock Pick Sets

Lock pick sets can make a locksmith's life a whole lot easier. Large pick sets include picks suitable for just about any job one might encounter...more

How to Use a Slim Jim

Learning how to use a slim jim can be a very valuable experience when you find yourself locked out of your car...more

How to Pick a Lock

If you learn how to pick a lock from the movies, you will soon find that lock picking is very different outside of Hollywood ...more

Lock Pick Tools

Lock pick tools are nothing if not varied. There are many different kinds of picks and slim jims, just as there are many different kinds of front-door locks and car-door configurations...more

Tubular Lock Picks

Tubular lock picks are designed to give picking aficionados and professionals a chance to pick complex tubular locks ...more

Lock Pick Kit

Lock pick kits are invaluable resources for the professional who deals with different locks on a daily basis ...more

Lock Picking Books

Lock picking books provide recreational and beginning lock pickers with a great sense of the fundamentals of picking a lock ...more

Electric Lock Picks

Electric lock picks are made for professionals who need to open a large number of the same type of lock in quick succession ...more

Jackknife Lock Pick Set

Jackknife Lock Pick Sets may sound like odd accessories. Most keychains, after all, are used for opening locks--that's what all of those keys we carry around are for ...more

European Lock Pick Sets

European lock pick sets are essential tools for the professional locksmith interested in opening every kind of lock he encounters. Lock design varies widely in different countries ...more

Interchangeable Cores

An interchangeable core (IC) is a great way to save money and time. An IC is a small, self-contained lock cylinder, usually figure-eight in shape, that can be taken out from its housing via a special master key ...more