US and Canadian customers may contact us by phone to place an order: 1-877-919-LOCK. (1-877-919-5625) Our toll-free order line is open from 8am EST (Eastern Standard Time) until 5pm Monday through Friday.

How To Order:(back to top)

Orders can be placed on the website by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover).
IMPORTANT: Lockpickshop will ship ONLY to a customers billing address or place of business. We do not ship to alternate residential addresses or to PO Boxes. PayPal is another payment option for US & international orders. We do not accept bank wire transfers or any other methods of electronic payments.  US and Canadian customers may also call our Toll-Free Order Line at 1.877.919.LOCK Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm Eastern. You may fax your order to our office at 1.978.349.6060 or you may print and mail it to our office for processing. All credit card orders are charged in US dollars. Call toll-free 1-877-919-LOCK to place your order by phone during business hours.

Please note: The representatives that answer calls made to the toll-free line cannot give you specific information about products. You may be asked to send a detailed email if you need more information on our products than is listed on the website. Do NOT call for purposes of solicitation. All other (non-order related) questions should be addressed by email ( or our online chat service.

Methods of Payment - Mail Orders (back to top)

Postal money orders or bank checks are accepted. Payment must be in US dollars $. Money orders/Bank Checks must be made out to "Locksmith Parts & Supplies." Personal checks are NOT accepted. Company checks are also accepted as long as company name and address are printed on the check. Please do not send cash!
IMPORTANT: We must have proof of age for all mail-orders. Please enclose a copy of your photo id (drivers license etc.) with your mail order. For security reasons you should cross out the actual ID number before mailing. You may also scan your id and email it to us if you prefer not to enclose it with your order. Mail orders paid for with money orders will not ship until we have proof of age.
Please ensure that the proper amount is included in your check or money order to cover shipping and handling. You can determine the amount by going to the website and adding the items you want into a shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, on the right, you'll see "Shipping", then "Click to Estimate" Click there and enter your state and zip code and you'll then see the amounts displayed for several different methods of shipping. If you are not sure how much to include please contact us by email.

Mail Orders will NOT be shipped unless your current photo ID is included with the order, faxed to our office or scanned and emailed to our office.
Payment will be returned if proper identification does not accompany the order or is not received within a reasonable amount of time.

Any orders sent via snail (regular) mail should be sent to:

Locksmith Parts & Supplies, LLC
70 Maryland Avenue
Lowell, MA
01851 USA

LockPickShop is a New England based company. Our office is located in Massachusetts about 30 miles north of Boston, a short distance from Logan International Airport. Our warehouse and shipping facility is located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Our company does not have a physical retail store; we are an Internet based company. Customers may not make purchases from our warehouse.

Foreign orders - Payment (back to top)

*Foreign orders paid for by a credit card issued from any bank that is not part of the AVS (Address Verification Service) program are required to scan and email a copy of their legal identification. This includes non- US orders paid for via PayPal payment services where the address is not a confirmed PayPal address or is an internationally confirmed PayPal address.

The reason we require identification is for your security as well as our own. Without verifying your identity, we have no way to know if the credit card being used to make a purchase belongs to you, our customer, or a thief that has stolen YOUR credit card.
**International orders paid for with PayPal are required to furnish ID upon request of LPS even if the address is confirmed because most international transactions are not covered by the PayPal Sellers Protection Policy.

*This applies to orders placed online as well as by mail. This info may be faxed, scanned, emailed OR included with mailed in orders.

Processing Time: (back to top)

Orders received by 11am Eastern, Monday-Friday, are shipped the same day. Orders received after 11am ship the following day, excluding weekends. Customer Service will contact you immediately if there is a problem processing your order. The faster you respond to a customer service call or email, the less time your order will be delayed from shipping.

Methods of Shipping: (back to top)

US orders shipped by Standard Ground Service are shipped by USPS First Class Mail, UPS Ground service or USPS Priority Express. Most orders in excess of $200.00 or that weigh over 16 ounces are shipped via UPS Ground Service. Standard Ground Service (First Class Mail) is a value shipping option we offer to our customers. It costs considerably less than UPS or Priority Mail. Packages do arrive quickly to all parts of the continental US, usually in 2-5 days. Customers are able to track their orders within 24 hours but there is no guaranteed date of delivery as there is with UPS Ground Service. However, it is extremely reliable. Total delivery time may take as long as 7-10 days for AK/HI).

US Customers outside of the continental US have the option of Priority Express Mail which is fast, very reliable, and relatively inexpensive.

Expedited Shipping

We offer expedited shipping (via UPS 2nd Day Air) to the continental US. UPS ships Monday - Friday but does NOT deliver packages on the weekends. Keep in mind that Saturday and Sunday are not business days. In other words, if your order is placed on Thursday (prior to 11am Eastern) it will be delivered on the
second business day which is Monday. If you choose "Expedited" as your method of shipping it will not ship, nor will it be delivered by UPS on Saturday or Sunday.

What is FMI?

FMI (USPS First Class Mail International) is our most affordable international service for smaller packages to more than 180 countries around the world. FMI is not a guaranteed service. FMI packages are not trackable and may take 8 - 15 business days to arrive.

How can I track my Lockpickshop order?

As long as you entered a valid email address when you placed your order you'll receive an email from us with your tracking number when your order has shipped. When you click on the tracking number, you'll
automatically be taken to the shippers web site, which will provide current tracking information. If you
created an account when you placed your order or already had an account, you can also get your tracking
information right on the website. Simply go to the Lockpickshop website and click on "Orders" at the top right of any page and you'll be able to pull up your order history. Please note: Tracking information may not be available until 24 hours after the order has been picked up from our warehouse by the carrier.

**Please note- You must include a physical street address if you are ordering tryout keys, or auto jigglers. **Auto jigglers and/or auto opening keys cannot be shipped via the US Postal Service. It is against Federal regulations. These orders MUST be shipped via UPS. International orders will be shipped by FIP (Federal Express International Priority) FMI - First Class Mail International, and EMI - Express Mail International. Canadian orders may also be shipped via UPS Standard Delivery. International orders generally arrive in 4-10 days though FedEx International Priority shipments arrive much more quickly than other shipping methods. This is also dependent on how quickly the packages clear US and then international customs.

If there is a problem shipping to a street address please contact us by phone at 1-877-919-LOCK during business hours and we'll assist you.

Shipping: Frequently Asked Questions (back to top)

"How do I determine shipping costs?"

The easiest way to calculate shipping costs is to place the items you choose in your shopping cart, then click on the "Shopping Cart" tab at the top of the page. You'll see a box under your shopping basket that allows you to estimate your shipping costs prior to entering payment information. Once you have entered the shipping information your invoice will show the exact charges to your destination. You can cancel the checkout process at any time and return to shopping. Please feel free to adjust your order any number of times to get the best products and shipping price.

"My order was returned to your warehouse because the address on the package was incorrect. I want it to be shipped out again but I was told I'd have to pay shipping charges again. Why do I have to pay a second time?"

When a customer places an order on our website it is their responsibility to enter their shipping address thoroughly & correctly. When we receive an order the shipping labels are processed automatically, DIRECTLY from the information the customer entered on his or her order form. There is no chance of human error on our part; this is all an automated process. In other words, if the address is is unfortunately an error on the customers part. If a customer forgets to type their apartment or suite number into the order form chances are it will be returned to our warehouse. When this happens we have to unpack the order, contact the customer to clarify the address information, package the order a second time and process and pay for the package to be re-shipped. We don't get a free pass because our customer made a mistake; we have to pay a second time as well. US Postal Service, UPS & FedEx drivers are not mindreaders, they need to have complete address information in order to deliver packages to the right address.

"Why does it seem like my shipping costs are so high?"

If you own a vehicle and have purchased gas recently you are very much aware that the cost of a gallon of gas has skyrocketed. Our shipping prices remained exactly the same for the first 6 years we were in business. Unfortunately the US Postal Service, Federal Express and UPS have raised their prices every year and will likely continue to do so. UPS and FedEx also tack on a fuel surcharge for every package they ship in addition to stated rates. These continuous price increases eventually forced us to have to raise our rates. We do NOT make a profit off of shipping and do the best we can to keep the cost of shipping as low as possible.

We ship to over 60 countries around the world unlike many of our competitors. Not all methods of shipping are available to our international customers. For instance, there are many international destinations where the US Postal Service is not permitted to ship to so we must use Federal Express or UPS. These methods of shipping are much more costly. There are also many countries like Brazil, South Africa and Romania that we must ship packages EMI (Express Mail International) or Federal Express because these countries will not accept packages shipped by less expensive methods such as First Class Mail International (FMI).

"I live in the UK and paid for my order using PayPal. I chose "First Class Mail International (FMI)"as the method of shipping. Why did I get an email saying that my order had to ship by Fedex and it was going to cost a lot more to ship it?"

Good question. PayPal requires merchants to ship orders with a trackable method of delivery. This is especially important with international orders that may get held up in customs or "lost" in transit. First Class Mail International (FMI) is NOT a trackable methods of shipping so we are not permitted to ship international order that have been paid with PayPal by a non-trackable method. Trackable methods of shipping are Express Mail International (EMI) UPS and Fedex. This raises the customer cost of shipping by a considerable amount with the exception of the Eastern and central Canadian provinces. When a customer pays with PayPal they are using PayPals checkout - not Lockpickshop's. PayPal terms of sale must be followed by both the merchant and the customer.

Canada & all other International destinations - shipping outside of the US - Duties and import taxes/fees can be pricey. Customers are responsible for any and all charges and taxes attached to their orders. Orders that must be shipped via UPS or FedEx will be liable for higher taxes and import fees. Lockpickshop uses the US Postal Service whenever possible which dramatically reduces the duties/taxes in most cases. All orders containing tryout keys and auto jigglers MUST be shipped via UPS (United Parcel Service) or FedEx ;it's the LAW.

LockPickShop is a New England based company. We are located in the United States in Lowell, Massachusetts about 30 miles north of Boston. All orders ship from our warehouse located in Nashua, NH. Our company does not have a physical retail store; we are solely internet based. Our proximity to Logan International Airport means we can get orders to all Northeast states delivered very quickly. Orders placed from Massachusetts, New Hampshire Connecticut and even New York City generally arrive in only one shipping day at NO extra expense to our customers when shipped via UPS

Package Markings:(back to top)

Q: Will "" be on the return address label?
A: NO. Our return labels will say "Locksmith Parts & Supplies" Customs descriptions will say "tool kit".

Occasionally we get emails asking that we leave our company name off of the return address label. Please do NOT send emails requesting that we amend or omit our return labels - it's not going to happen. Chances are if someone is making this type of request that they don't have the legal right to order the tools we carry. If this is the case please leave the website immediately; we don't want your business.

Return Policy: (back to top)

Books are not returnable. DVD's and CD's may be returned for replacement only if defective.
There are NO refunds on Digital Downloads.

The lack of ability on an individuals part to use lock picking tools successfully does not establish an item as defective. Lockpicks cannot be returned for this reason.
The ONLY returns of lockpicks accepted by Lockpickshop are those those with manufacturers defects. Lock Picks are warranteed again defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days.

Money-back Guarantee: (back to top)

Lockpickshop offers a 100% money back guarantee on all defective products. If you receive an item from us that is deemed defective and decide that you don't want a replacement we will credit your account for both the product as well as the shipping charges, including shipping charges incurred from shipping the defective product back to us. Defective merchandise must be returned to us within 30 days of purchase. If you'd like the defective item to be replaced instead of refunded we will gladly do it.

How to Return Defective Merchandise:
1. You must obtain an RA# (Return Authorization number) prior to shipping back defective merchandise
2. Call our toll-free number 1.877.919.5625 between 8am - 5pm Eastern to obtain an RA#
3. Have your packing slip ready when you call as we will need to know your order number as well as the product code of the defective item in order to issue an RA#
4. Write a brief description of the defect and enclose it with the item you are returning.
5. Write the RA# on the outside of the package & return the item to Locksmith Parts & Supplies, LLC at the address on the packing slip.
Please contact us if you've any questions
You may also call our toll-free number during business hours for assistance.

Restocking Fee:
Merchandise that is in perfect condition may be returned within 14 days of receipt if an RA# has been obtained first. Merchandise returned that is not defective and in re-sellable condition will be credited within 10 business days less shipping charges and a 20% restocking fee.

A note about Digital Downloads

The reason we don't refund digital download purchases is simple. The moment you complete your order on the Lockpickshop site an email is sent to you with a link to your digital purchases. At this point we have fulfilled your order - you have the product that you ordered from us. You can't return a digital purchase as it can be easily and quickly downloaded to your computer. Digital downloads are clearly labeled on the site and the descriptions of what is contained in the downloads are also very clear. We also mention in each of the 27 product descriptions that they are digital products that are non-refundable.

Buyer Responsibility:(back to top)

It is the responsibility of the BUYER, not, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state and federal laws pertaining to the possession and use of items ordered. Please do not send email asking if it is legal in your state, city or country to purchase locksmith tools. Our company ships to over 60 countries around the world. The laws and restrictions regarding the purchase and ownership of these tools varies from state to state, province to province, city to city, and in some cases, town to town. YOU will need to make the call to the proper authority to determine whether or not you are legally able to purchase lock picking tools. This website may help answer the question "Is is legal for me to own lock picks?" - The other products on the website are not regulated (books, cd's, dvd's, practice and cutaway locks, LAB pinning kits) so you are able to purchase any of these items without issue. Consult your local and state laws before ordering if you are in doubt. By placing an order, the buyer asserts that the products will be used in a lawful manner and that they are of legal age. Absolutely NO sales to minors! By placing an order for locksmithing tools, the buyer asserts to be a bonified member of the locksmithing industry or other qualified personnel.

United States Federal law prohibits interstate mailing of locksmithing devices unless the device is mailed to a lock manufacturer or distributor; a bona fide locksmith; a bona fide repossessor, or legally authorized recipients.

For more on the US Federal codes regarding nonmailability of locksmithing devices Click Here.

For info regarding US Federal code as it applies to nonmailability of motor vehicle master keys : Click here

Our Anti-Fraud Policy:(back to top)

Note to would be thieves: Credit card holder names and billing addresses are verified to reduce fraud. Anyone caught using a fraudulent credit card number will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, it is a waste of time purchasing LPS products with a stolen credit card number since we have the ability to discern a "real" order from a fraudulent order. This is done based on the unique anti-fraud software we have installed. As soon as a charge is reported as invalid or illegal, we will report all information returned to us through the anti-fraud program to the necessary authorities. We do cooperate with the police in these matters.