Terms and Conditions. This offer for free shipping and handling applies to eligible orders of $49 or more placed in online at lockpickshop.com, or by phone at 877-919-5625. This offer applies to standard shipping and handling within the U.S., excluding Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. Territories (other than Washington, D.C.). Special orders and past purchases are not eligible. Shipping Charges may apply due to size, weight or special handling required. Auto lockout kits, long reach tools, slim jims and other oversize items not designated as eligible for free shipping and handling are not eligible for this offer. Customers are responsible for all taxes and for all Expedited Delivery upgrade fees for UPS Ground and 2-Day Express. Lockpickshop.com reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time.

Excluded Products:

Auto Lockout Kits, Long Reach Tools, Slim Jims, Oversize Pin Kits, AK42-MEGA, AKUC, AKUL, AUTO-WEDGE-KIT, AK42-LA, AK42-LAXL, AO42-LAXL, AO42-LA, AO42-LAXL, AKSJ, AK75, AK92, AKLM00, AK04, AK60, AKCOM00, AO42-QC1, AO42-QC2, A042, A042-A1, AO43, AO29, AO01, AO07, AO45, AO30, A085, AOCO, AO10, AO12, EASY-ACCESS-KIT, EZ-JIM, HONDA-TOOL, LT-128, LT-130, LT-145, LT-148, LT-200, LT-500, LT-1000, SJ-100L, SJ-100WJ, SJ-100LO, SJ-200WJ, SJ-300WJ, SLIM-JIM, ST-23, SUPER-SLIM-JIM, SUPER-JIMMY-KIT, ROAD-STARS, LT-1000, LT-130, LT-145, LT-500, EASY-ACCESS-KIT, A3BFK, BFK108, BWB108, BWF108, BWI108, EPD003, EPD005, EPK003, EPK005, KPK115, KRP003, KRP005, KRPIC, KRPKWK, KRPSCH, LABMAT, LDK003, LDK005, LDKZ5, LICCB, LIKCR, LIKIC, LIKSW, LMD3N1, LMDACE, LMDARW, LMDBAL, LMDBIC, LMDDXT, LMDICC, LMDKWK, LMDLWD, LMDMAS, LMDOIC, LMK003, LMK005, LMDSCH, LMDSEC, LMDSGT, LMDWES, LMDWSR, LMDYLE, LPK003, LPK005, LRCK6, LREPIN, LSK003, LSK005, LSK2N1, LSK3N1, LSKARW, LSKBIC, LSKICC, LSKKWK, LSKOIC, LSKSCH, LSKSGT, LSKWSR, LSPGKIT, LWK003, LWK005, NSK108, SGT115, SPK115, SWK115, WSR115, All LAB pinning Kits, accessories and refill packs, All diversion safes & Can safes, LAPTOP-SAFE, ST-23, AWS-1.