LockPickShop Shipping FAQ's

Methods of Shipping

"How do I determine shipping costs?"

The easiest way to calculate shipping costs is to place the items you choose in your shopping cart, then click on the "Shopping Cart" tab at the top of the page. You'll see a box under your shopping basket that allows you to estimate your shipping costs prior to entering payment information. Once you have entered the shipping information your invoice will show the exact charges to your destination. You can cancel the checkout process at any time and return to shopping. Please feel free to adjust your order any number of times to get the best products and shipping price.

"My order was returned to your warehouse because the address on the package was incorrect. I want it to be shipped out again but I was told I'd have to pay shipping charges again. Why do I have to pay a second time?"

When a customer places an order on our website it is their responsibility to enter their shipping address thoroughly & correctly. When we receive an order the shipping labels are processed automatically, DIRECTLY from the information the customer entered on his or her order form. There is no chance of human error on our part; this is all an automated process. In other words, if the address is wrong...it is unfortunately an error on the customers part. If a customer forgets to type their apartment or suite number into the order form chances are it will be returned to our warehouse. When this happens we have to unpack the order, contact the customer to clarify the address information, package the order a second time and process and pay for the package to be re-shipped. We don't get a free pass because our customer made a mistake; we have to pay a second time as well. US Postal Service, UPS & FedEx drivers are not mindreaders, they need to have complete address information in order to deliver packages to the right address.

"Why does it seem like my shipping costs are so high?"

If you own a vehicle and have purchased gas recently you are very much aware that the cost of a gallon of gas has skyrocketed. Our shipping prices remained exactly the same for the first 6 years we were in business. Unfortunately the US Postal Service and UPS have raised their prices every year and will likely continue to do so. UPS and FedEx also tack on a fuel surcharge for every package they ship in addition to stated rates. These continuous price increases eventually forced us to have to raise our rates. We do NOT make a profit off of shipping and do the best we can to keep the cost of shipping as low as possible.

We ship to over 60 countries around the world unlike many of our competitors. Not all methods of shipping are available to our international customers. For instance, there are many international destinations where the US Postal Service is not permitted to ship to so we must use Federal Express or UPS. These methods of shipping are much more costly. There are also many countries like Brazil, South Africa and Romania that we must ship packages EMI (Express Mail International) or Federal Express because these countries will not accept packages shipped by less expensive methods such as First Class Mail International (FMI).

"I live in the UK and paid for my order using PayPal. I chose "First Class Mail International (FMI)"as the method of shipping. Why did I get an email saying that my order had to ship by Fedex and it was going to cost a lot more to ship it?"

Good question. PayPal requires merchants to ship orders with a trackable method of delivery. This is especially important with international orders that may get held up in customs or "lost" in transit. First Class Mail International (FMI) is NOT a trackable methods of shipping so we are not permitted to ship international order that have been paid with PayPal by a non-trackable method. Trackable methods of shipping are Express Mail International (EMI) UPS and Fedex. This raises the customer cost of shipping by a considerable amount with the exception of the Eastern and central Canadian provinces. When a customer pays with PayPal they are using PayPals checkout - not Lockpickshop's. PayPal terms of sale must be followed by both the merchant and the customer.

Canada - shipping to Canada - Canadian Duties and import taxes can be pricey, customers are responsible for any and all charges and taxes attached to their orders. Orders that must be shipped via UPS or FedEx will be liable for higher taxes and import fees. LPS uses the US Postal Service whenever possible which dramatically reduces the duties/taxes. All orders containing tryout keys and auto jigglers MUST be shipped via UPS (United Parcel Service) or FedEx ;it's the LAW.

LockPickShop is a New England based company. We are located in the United States in Lowell, Massachusetts about 30 miles north of Boston. All orders ship from our warehouse located in Nashua, NH. Our company does not have a physical retail store; we are solely internet based. Our proximity to Logan International Airport means we can get orders to all Northeast states delivered very quickly. Orders placed from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and even New York City generally arrive in only one shipping day at NO extra expense to our customers when shipped via UPS

Lockpickshop reserves the right to refuse credit card and PayPal orders for less than $9.95.