Lock Picking Sets

Lock picking sets can be incredibly helpful to the busy locksmith. Sets of picks provide one with many options when it comes to picking a new lock for a client. Every lock is different, and uncommon locking systems can cause major headaches if one is not equipped with the proper tools.

Lock picking sets vary widely in terms of the number of picks included in a particular package. Those who are just starting out in the field of lock picking may want to choose a simple set of eight picks. Experienced locksmiths often look for more comprehensive kits, some of which include up to 62 different picks to meet all of one's professional needs.

Lock Picking Sets Online

Many great deals on lock picking sets can be found online. Here at LockPickShop, we are committed to providing equipment of the highest quality to locksmiths and students. Our reliable products are priced very competitively, and our selection includes pieces of equipment suitable for every budget. We also offer training programs to those interested in learning more about the process of lock picking.

Our pick sets are made in the USA, and come with durable cases for organization and protection of equipment. Our picks are made to be rust-resistant and lasting. For more information about our lock picks and other products, contact us at info@lockpickshop.com. For immediate answers to your questions, take advantage of the 'Live Chat' option to send an instant message to one of our representatives during business hours.