Improving your Lockpicking Skills

Maybe you're searching for practice locks so you can begin a new trade or just as a hobby. Maybe, instead, you already have the know-how due to your position in roadside assistance, at an auto dealership, or as a repo man or police officer, and you want to further perfect your skills. Whatever your level - even student, hobbyist or locksmith - we are happy to inform you that your search is over! Here at LockPickShop, you have found the premier source to advance your expertise, with a wide variety of practice locks, cut-away locks and training locks to take everyone to the next level.

For beginners and recent newcomers, we offer the two-pinned standard practice lock, as well as the YouTube Deluxe LockPicking Kit, which greatly eases your learning curve. Also, with The EZ ReKey Cutaway Practice Lock with Kwikset keyway, you are able to see the inside of the lock cylinder as you work, thereby removing all the guesswork.

For the more advanced, there is the Yale six-pinned practice cylinder and just about anything in between. You can also find Master Pinning Practice Cylinders and an array of complete training kits, including the Deluxe Lock Pick Station Plus, cutaway combination practice locks, and cutaway keyed padlocks. Our cutaway locks range from five-pinned for lefthanders, Kwikset Master Keyed, Mortise Cylinder, Master Keyed Cutaway Lock Schlage for either righties or lefties, five-pinned Schlage Cutaway, six-pinned Cutaway Cylinder, five-pin Practice Lock Cylinder, an assortment of two- and three-pin, as well as seven- and eight-pin designs and the FullCut Mortise Cylinder Lock. The latter is ideal for classroom instructors to demonstrate the functions of the pin stacks. You can use this with a key or lock pick to demonstrate correct shear line alignment - especially good in case you're shooting training videos and manuals. Also in the visual arena, you can get the EZ Rekey instructional step-by-step DVD. This is a companion to both the EZ Rekey standard practice cylinder and EZ Reykey Cutaway training lock cylinder.

These practice locks are not run-of-the-mill equipment found in any hardware store. Retired locksmiths with a combined 45 years of experience hand fabricate everything in the U.S., specifically for LockPickShop, so you won't find our practice locks sold anywhere else. Furthermore, we are only one of four U.S. distributors of SouthOrd Locksmith Tools.