Electric Lock Picks

Electric lock picks are made for professionals who need to open a large number of the same type of lock in quick succession. Property managers, security guards and storage facility managers and owners find electric lock picks and pick guns to be invaluable in their every day work. Most recreational lock pickers engage in this activity due to its challenging nature. Electric picks essentially take the challenge out of picking a lock...but they also make the job much easier for an unskilled user. For amateurs, such a feature defeats the purpose of the activity entirely!

For professionals, however, electric lock picks can be very valuable tools. Electric picks work in a rather unscientific way. They vibrate when inserted into a lock, and the motion often causes pins to fall into place in such a way that allows the lock to be released. Such a method of lock picking may not be very challenging, but it can be immensely rewarding for the busy professional locksmith.

Inexpensive Electric Lock Picks?

Electric lock picks aren't rare, hard-to-find items nor are they inexpensive. The average price is generally between $150 and $375 for a good quality electric pick - USA made. SouthOrd makes an electric lock pick, the E500XT High Output Electric Lock Pick priced at $169.95. Some models sell for up to $500. HPC has a really nice electric pick as well, the HPC ElectroPick. When shopping for an electric lockpick you want to make sure that your electric pick is made of the finest steel and has a good warranty. After all, it's going to get a lot of use or you wouldn't be buying it! Here at LockPickShop, we offer several kinds of manual lock pick guns, electric lockpicks and lock-picking tools for use by professionals in the field. These tools can make a locksmith's job a lot easier, especially when they are made with care and professional craftsmanship. Not only locksmiths benefit from the convenience of these electric picks--many property management professionals and building superintendents also rely on these tools to open standard pin tumbler locks every day.

The tools we carry at LockPickShop are made to withstand the rigors of professional use without breaking the bank. Our sturdy tools provide years of dependable service to working locksmiths and others. For more information about our quality products, contact us at info@lockpickshop.com. If you want to get answers right away, you can talk to one of our representatives during business hours, by using our "Live Chat" feature.