Jackknife Lock Pick Set

Jackknife Lock Pick Sets may sound like odd accessories. Most keychains, after all, are used for opening locks--that's what all of those keys we carry around are for! When it comes to picking a lock instead of simply opening it with a key, a different sort of keychain is needed.

Jackknife Lock Pick Sets are essentially groups of lock picks presented in a convenient, easy to carry format. These keychain accessories look a bit like Swiss army knives. Different picks and accessories are housed in a small compartment, from which they can be easily pulled. These jackknife lock pick sets even include removable tension wrenches.

Jackknife lock pick sets are not meant to replace a pro lock pick set but they sure come in handy in a pinch! One keychain includes picks for opening doors, cabinets, and even cars. These picks often turn out to be more valuable than the standard keys attached to one's keychain. They are small enough to be taken with you wherever you go without a second thought. The SouthOrd JPXS-6 folds down to only 3.5 inches in size!

Jackknife Lock Pick Sets Online

Here at LockPickShop, we offer many unique and innovative lock-picking products to the online consumer in addition to the jackknife lock pick set. We carry the very versatile SouthOrd Pocket Pen Pick Set in stainless steel. Our products are made to stand the test of time without being too expensive for the customer on a budget. Our customer service is second to none, so if you would like more information about lock picking products, contact us at info@lockpickshop.com. For immediate answers to your questions, take advantage of the 'Live Chat' option--this allows you to converse live, via instant message, with our representatives at any time during our business hours!