Slim Jim

Slim jims are a whole lot more than beef jerky. These products are used for a very important purpose--unlocking car doors when there is no key present for that task. Many people are very thankful for the existence of slim jims (not to mention the locksmiths who use them) when their keys are beyond reach.

One must possess extensive expertise in order to use one of these devices. Improper use of a slim jim can wreak havoc on the locking mechanism in your car door. Either using an incorrect model or using a correct model incorrectly can cause lasting damage to car locks. If you are a beginner looking to use these products, make sure you have the proper training and practice under your belt before using one of these tools on your car.

High Quality Slim Jims

Here at LockPickShop, we offer slim jims suitable for professional use. Our products are made in the USA, and are built to last for long periods of time. Constructed of high-grade flexible stainless steel, these devices are rust-resistant and durable. Inferior craftsmanship simply won't cut it in the locksmith trade, and we make sure that our equipment is up to the highest standard of quality.

You will find many different professional-grade tools at LockPickShop. Tools for unlocking car doors and front doors are all available at excellent prices. The quality of our products makes them an exceptional value for the professional or the hobbyist. For more information about our line of locksmith equipment, contact us at For immediate answers to your questions, take advantage of the 'Live Chat' option--this allows you to send an instant message and speak to one of our representatives live during business hours!