How to Pick a Lock

If you learn how to pick a lock from the movies, you will soon find that lock picking is very different outside of Hollywood. Those credit cards, toothpicks and paper clips are of little practical value when attempting to open a lock in the real world. Proper equipment and training are much more valuable for the prospective locksmith.

Figuring out how to pick a lock is a time-consuming process. While some locks might budge easily on the first try, others will be much more difficult to crack. A good locksmith knows how to deal with all sorts of locks, and has the equipment at his disposal to ensure a successful attempt.

How to Pick a Lock on the Web

The Internet might seem like a funny place to learn how to pick locks, but some of the best courses in how to pick a lock are found on the Web. Here at LockPickShop, we offer courses in lock picking and locksmithing for beginning locksmiths and hobbyists alike. Our training materials offer users the chance to study and test lock-picking techniques. Many of our manuals come with handy training aids for real hands-on learning experiences.

Once you've covered the basics, we'll be there to supply all of the equipment you need to pick any kind of lock. Our carefully crafted products are built to stand the test of time, and are perfect for budget-conscious consumers. For more information about our array of training products, contact us at For immediate answers to your questions, take advantage of the 'Live Chat' option--this allows you to send an instant message and speak to one of our representatives live during business hours!