Getting Started with Lockpicking

If you're new to the world of lock picking, you might have concerns about what tools you need to get started. That guesswork was eliminated years ago when SouthOrd developed the PXS-14 lock pick set. Though it is one of the first that SouthOrd ever manufactured, it has remained one of its most popular beginner sets, and is available here at LockPickShop.

Don't let the word "beginner" fool you into thinking this 14-piece set is too basic or somehow inferior. Actually, you can use it to solve most pin tumbler locks because it is designed for deadbolts, padlocks, doorknob locks and many car locks, making it the best lock pick set for the novice. Each piece is uniquely designed with a specialty purpose in view. Among the examples are: four tension tools, the tool for dimple locks, another to work pins into place, and two options to open wafer locks. Also, there's a barbed extractor tool that enables you to penetrate deep into a lock to remove a broken-off key. Nine of the 14 pieces have removable, textured slide-on grips, ensuring you will have a good, comfortable handle on the task. All come in a top-grain, textured leather-zippered case so your tools are both protected and secured; thus, you're ready to use again and again.

As you get started in lock picking, you want to lay a good foundation. This means having the right tools to ensure you develop sound technique upon which you will build with time. With the PXS-14 lock pick set, you will be opening all types of locks in no time. Furthermore, you can never go wrong because you're getting a great starter kit at a great price. If you're tempted to question the PXS-14's quality because its price is so low, you will be in for a big surprise.