What is an Air Pump Wedge?

An air pump wedge is an excellent vehicle entry tool for professional locksmiths and repo professionals who need an easy, hassle-free way to pry a car door open for simpler tool entry. Air pump wedges typically feature an inflatable bag component that slips between the vehicle door and the car's weather stripping as well as a hand pump that allows for manual inflation of the wedge bag. Auto lockout professionals should choose a high-quality air pump wedge that's heavy-duty and non-marring to avoid chipping the car's paint and upsetting customers.

How To Use an Air Pump Wedge

To use an air pump wedge for auto lockout, wedge the air pump bag in-between the door and the weather stripping into a position where proper pressure is applied. Use the manual hand pump to inflate the bag so that it creates an opening large enough to slip tools through the door. The opening should be wide enough for you to insert your car unlocking tool rods, such as your long reach car opening tools, and to reach the car's manual lock mechanism for quick, successful vehicle entry.

The Best Air Pump Wedges

LockPickShop carries top-notch air pump wedges for easy car opening. If you already carry professional auto-opening arms and other tools but want to add a pump wedge to your toolkit, select the heavy-duty Air Pump Wedge featuring a tough, non-marring vinyl airbag designed for dozens of uses. Some people prefer to buy all-inclusive auto entry tool kits such as the Air Fighter Pro Auto Opening Kit that comes with an air pump wedge plus car unlocking tool rods.