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Visual Guide to LockPicking DVD

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Visual Guide to Lock Picking - Instructional DVD

With 3D Animation!

If you are a visual learner who would rather not sit in a classroom for hours, the Visual Guide to Lock Picking Instructional DVD is for you. This highly informative DVD explains several types of locks that you may encounter, and then it covers a wide variety of lock picking techniques. Featuring modern 3D graphics and animations, you can see cutaway views that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to see.

The Visual Guide to Lock Picking DVD clearly shows you how to pick locks, and it is so informational that you could get started picking locks right away. With great graphics and many illustrations to bring explanations to life, this DVD is a true visual guide to lock picking. It shows you how locks work and what you need to do to bypass them, so as long as you have the right tools, you can work along with the DVD; if you don't have your tools yet, you can stash your knowledge away until you do.

You will learn locksmiths closely guarded secrets from this and techniques that are extremely valuable. TheVisual Guide to Lock Picking introduces warded locks, pin tumblers, wafer tumblers, master locks, even some high security pins. It dissects the locks, showing every moving part, making it easy to see how they work. Step-by-step instructions are given for picking each type of lock. You will be lead through the entire process, introducing the necessary tools and covering several techniques leading you to that satisfying click as the lock springs open.
DVD approximately 1 hour running time.

If you prefer to read the Visual Guide to Lock Picking rather than viewing the dvd you'll find it  here.

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