European Lock Pick Sets

European lock pick sets are essential tools for the professional locksmith interested in opening every kind of lock he encounters. Lock design varies widely in different countries. European and Japanese manufactured locks are designed differently from US made locks. A locksmith never knows when he will encounter a foreign made lock, so he must be prepared with the right equipment for any job.

Most locks operate under the same sets of principles. Most locks use pins that must be positioned in a certain order to facilitate lock release. Many picks, however, won't fit in every type of lock. Locks made in Europe or Japan often require slimmer picks in order to get through the narrow keyway and reach the pins. LockPickShop now carries the entire line of Slimline picks that fit very nicely into the smaller, more narrow keyways that often define Euro and Japanese made locks.

Quality European Lock Pick Sets

Quality European lock pick sets can be found on the Internet at fantastic prices. Many people forgo the purchase of such sets, thinking the cost of accumulating every kind of pick to be prohibitive. Sturdy, inexpensive equipment is actually available on the Web from reliable sites that have provided locksmiths with the lasting tools they need.

LockPickShop is one of the most reputable firms in the field of lock picking. We have provided equipment for many locksmiths, as well as government agencies and police departments around the world for the past 6 years. To find out more about our European lock pick sets and other products, contact us at If you are trying to find immediate answers to your questions, you can use our 'Live Chat' function to send an instant message to one of our representatives during business hours.