Lock Picks

Lock picks are essential tools for the professional locksmith, students of the trade and hobbyists alike. Lock picks are used to open locks without keys. Such tasks, (while often portrayed as easy in the movies) actually require some skill. It takes time, patience and a light touch to pick a lock, even for a pro. Most professional locksmiths keep a lock pick set with them in their tool box.

Lock picks replicate the work of keys. Locks work through the use of internal pins. When the pins are in the right positions, the lock mechanism can be turned and opened. A key places the pins in a given lock in the proper configuration in fairly short order--adjusting the pins is, after all, what a key is meant to do.

When using lock picks, one must adjust each pin individually, a process that can be time-consuming. Many people are fascinated by the challenges that locks present. One must draw on a great deal of knowledge and expertise in order to pick a complex lock. Each little pin must be adjusted--without any visual aids!

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