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Module 2 - How Pin Tumbler Locks Work by bosnianbill

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How Pin Tumbler Locks Work - Digital Download

This is an introduction to the pin tumbler lock, the most common type that you will face. Bosnianbill shows you how it works. He'll describe the different parts, and introduce common terminology. He'll discuss what makes lock picking possible and how you can exploit those weaknesses. (14:39 plus 4:12 of supplemental video).

  • a. Lock Parts
  •       i.  Body (shell, bible, hull)
  •      ii.  Core (Plug)
  •     iii.  Pins
  •          1. Key Pins
  •          2. Driver pins
  •          3. Mastering wafers
  •          4. Different sizes
  •     iv. Cap Spring and Cap Pin OR C-Clip (circlip)
  •      v. Actuator, Cam or Tail piece

  • b. The Key
  •      i.  Head
  •     ii.  Bow
  •    iii.  Tip
  •     iv.  Blade
  •     v.   Shoulder
  •     vi.  Cuts - Ridges and Notches
  •    vii.  Cut numbering

  • c. What makes picking possible?
  •       i.  Shear Line
  •      ii.  Defects
  •         1.   Tooling
  •         2.   Calibration
  •         3.   Materials
  •         4.   Tolerances
  •         5.   Combination of errors among components

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