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Module 3 - Lock Picking Tools

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Lock Picking Tools - What do you need?

What lock picking tools should you buy? How many picks will you need? Bosnianbill discusses quality versus quantity, and cost and quality tradeoffs that manufacturers face. What are the different pick thicknesses for? Bill also talks about the different types of lock picks and what they are for, as well as extractors and tensioners.

What Tools Do I Need?

  • a. Buy QUALITY!!!

  • b. Thicknesses to consider
  •     i. 0.015-0.018" (0.4 - 0.45mm)
  •     ii. 0.020-0.025" (0.5 - 0.65mm)

  • c. Rakes

  • d. Hooks

  • e. Extractors

  • f. Tensioners

  •     i. Thick - 0.125" = 3.25mm
  •     ii. Medium - 0.10" = 2.7mm
  •     iii. Thin - 0.09" = 2.35mm

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