Letter Box Tension Tool for Letter Box Locks (1")

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Tension Tool for Letter Box Locks - TW-42

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Letter Box Tension Tool for Letter Box Locks (1")

The TW-42 from LockPickShop is a premium tool available at a value price. Shaped like an elongated L, this deceptively simple 1-inch tool plays an important part in opening lever handle locks, also known as letter box locks. These kinds of locks are often used on home and office doors, secure mail boxes and occasionally on safes. Use this tool in conjunction with a hook pick to open lever-based tumbler locks. The tension tool will hold the bolt in place while you work with the pick.

This tool is made in the U.S. by SouthOrd, an industry leader in professional locksmith tools used by locksmiths, military, law enforcement and government agencies around the world. Made of top-quality stainless steel that's rust resistant, the TW-42 Tension Tool offers dependable performance and durability. The cost is so low that any pro or enthusiast may want to pick up a few spares in case someone "borrows" theirs and "forgets" to return it.

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