Tulip Tension Tool - Twist Flex

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Tulip Tension Tool - Twist Flex - TW-21

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Tulip Tension Tool - Twist Flex (0.121" x 0.031")

Any experienced lock picker, whether an automotive locksmith, property manager, or hobbyist, can tell you how frustrating it is to try and unlock a plug that's buried deep in a door knob, or to get down to the last pin only to have the tension tool slip out of your grasp and send you back to square one. The SouthOrd Tulip Tension Tool Twist Flex will keep any difficult pin tumbler or wafer lock squared away. This tension wrench allows you to twist and bend as needed during the lock-picking process, while still holding any picked pins in place in even those deeply recessed keyways. At the end of each job, the wrench is as good as new and ready to use again.

Tulip Tension Tools are ideal for USA and other larger locks. Each twist flex tool is manufactured using tempered, rust-proof, full hard spring stainless steel, making them a durable yet inexpensive addition to your collection. As one of a select number of SouthOrd distributors, LockPickShop is the place to go for high-quality tension tools designed for even the most difficult jobs.

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