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The UltimateTriPik Stand

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TRI-PIK II - New & Improved

The Tri-Pik II, a new and improved version of the tried-and-true Tri-Pik, is a great tool to have when you are practicing your lock picking skills. Featuring an adjustable, multi-positional practice lock stand that is mounted to a ball and socket joint, the Tri-Pik II gives you unlimited control over your practice locks' positions. You can lock the head firmly into place through 360 degrees of rotation, which is incredibly helpful to students who need practice picking locks that are placed in awkward positions.

The Ultimate Tri-Pik Stand lets you place three locks side-by-side so you can get all the practice you need. Featuring sturdy construction and designed to force students to work around difficult circumstances, it is one of the most versatile stands available. At LockPickShop, we proudly carry this stand at an affordable price so you can learn everything you need to know to become a successful locksmith.

**Please note - Practice locks are not included.

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