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Visible Tubular Practice Lock - Standard Pins - TP7-S

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Reading instruction books and booklets and watching videos online or in a DVD player all can be very helpful for beginners who want to start learning about locks and lock picking. But as with learning in practically every area, nothing beats real-world experience. The Visible TP7-S Tubular Practice Lock with Standard Pins from LockPickShop gives beginning lock pickers a way to learn the theory and the practice of opening tubular locks with standard pins. Not only does it allow beginners to practice how to open tubular locks by manipulation. Because its housing is made of clear plastic, the users can actually see what's going on inside the lock as they manipulate it. This gives them an even better understanding of lock picking.

Available at a better than 10 percent discount from LockPickShop, this teaching aid will more than pay for itself in the quality of education it imparts. You will almost see a light go on in beginners' heads as they manipulate this lock and truly see and feel what they have read about and watched before. We offer this quality teaching advice with fast shipping right to you.

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