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Clear Cutaway Practice Lock - Spool Pins

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Visible Cutaway Practice Lock - Spool Pins

A SouthOrd Clear Visible Cutaway Practice Lock with Spool Pins might be exactly what you need to work your way through pin tumbler locks. This remarkable learning tool lets you watch the way the pins move when you practice your technique and when an actual key is being used. That gives you valuable insight you can use later, as you hone your skills; when you understand how it works, you can get a better grasp on how to compromise it.

This practice lock comes with two keys. One is the proper fit, and one isn't. That way, you can see what happens inside the lock when you try to open it with the wrong key. Made in the U.S. and designed to teach you how to manage pin tumbler locks, this is a great learning tool for beginners.

This SouthOrd Visible Cutaway Practice Lock with Spool Pins is often difficult to find, but LockPickShop is one of only a handful of authorized SouthOrd distributors; that's why we're able to offer it to you at such an affordable price.

All of our lock picks and lock picking tools are made in the USA.

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