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5 Pin Radial Double-Cut Practice Lock

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Milled with expert precision on both sides, the 5 Pin Radial Double-Cut Practice Lock available at LockPickShop is a new take on the Radial Cut Cutaway Lock. Instead of being tailored specifically for either a right-handed or a left-handed apprentice, this practice lock has been cut away on both sides, so unsurpassed viewing ability of the inside of the cylinder is accessible from either side. A completely functional practice lock, the 5 Pin Radial Double-Cut lock can be picked to either side. It is completely rekeyable using standard repinning tools and pin tumblers. Users are cautioned, however, that this model is more fragile than the regular cut-away model because so much material has been removed. Careful handling is advised, and neither electric nor manual pick guns are not recommended because of their potential for causing damage to the practice lock. The 5 Pin Radial Double-Cut Practice Lock comes with one working key and one incorrect key.

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