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5 Pin Schlage Cutaway - LH

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This 5 Pinned Cutaway Practice Cylinder with Schlage Keyway is designed for left-handed locksmith students, with the right-hand side of the pin bible cut away. The practice lock is pinned with 5 tumblers, which provides a greater lock picking challenge for improving one's skills. It is important to practice on commonly used locks, which is why this Schlage 5 pin cutaway is a valuable learning tool, both for students practicing on their own and for instructors who wish to demonstrate the inner workings and mechanism to their class. Beginning locksmiths should start with a 2 or 3 pin cylinder before attempting this 5 pinned lock which is more complex. LockPickShop carries a wide range of cutaway locks and other locksmith training tools. We've been supplying quality products to commercial locksmiths, law enforcement and the military for more than 15 years.

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