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LAB Spring Kit

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LSPGKIT - LAB Spring Kit

Packed with value, the LAB Spring Kit includes every spring the company manufactures. It also comes with shims, covers and caps, as well as spool pins and T-pins. This convenient case even leaves 10 pockets empty so you can add exactly what you need for a complete, custom kit. With a Smart Wedge design, this kit incorporates a side drawer for tool storage.

Springs included:

  • 125 Corbin Stainless I Core Springs: 111IC
  • 125 Corbin Stainless Standard Springs: 111SD
  • 125 Master-Yale Springs: SP95
  • 125 Kwikset Stainless Springs: KWKSPG
  • 125 ACE Springs: SPGACE
  • 125 Schlage F Series T-Pin Springs: SPGSCH
  • 125 Schlage Cylinder Cap Springs: SP74
  • 250 Universal 0.115 Long Tangle Resistant Springs: 115TL
  • 250 Universal 0.115 Long Standard Springs: 115L
  • 250 Universal 0.115 Short Standard Springs: 115S
  • 250 Falcon I Core Short Springs: 108F
  • 250 Best I Core Long Springs: 108B


  • 100 Kwikset 0.160 Spool Pins: LKJ160
  • 100 Kwikset 0.180 Spool Pins: LKJ180
  • 100 Schlage T-Pins: FS506-451

Interchangeable core caps:

  • 250 I Core Stamped: I027
  • 250 I Core Machined: I027M

Shims and covers:

  • 100 Curved Shims: LSM0
  • 50 Pin Covers: FSC6
  • 50 Pin Covers: FSC7


  • Universal Plug Follower: LFT001
  • Kwikset-Schlage Key Gauge: LKGKS

The LAB Spring Kit also features a leak-proof, Seal-Tight cover. Its dimensions are 13 inches by 10.5 inches by 3.25 inches. The curved shims in the kit are made from 0.0015 stainless steel and exceed industry standards.

  • Vial of 25: LAB LSMOV25
  • Vial of 100: LAB LSMOV100

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