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LAB Pin Refill Packs - .005 System

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.005 Pin Kit Refill Pack

The LAB .005 Pin Kit Refill Pack comes in a carton that contains 102 packs of the highest quality LAB Universal .005 tumbler pins. There are 50 pins in each pack, and the packs are separated by size. The top pin sizes range from 0.010 to 0.200, while the bottom pins range from 0.156 to 0.360.

Pin sizes included in the LAB .005 Pin Kit Refill Pack are:

.010T, .015T, .020T, .025T, .030T, .035T, .040T, .045T, .050T, .055T, .060T, .065T, .070T, .075T, .080T, .085T, .090T, .095T, .100T, .105T, .110T, .115T, .120T, .125T, .130T, 135T, .140T, .145T, .150B, .150T, .155B, .155T, .160B, .160T, .165B, .165T, .170B, .170T, .175B, .175T, .180B, .180T, .185B, .185T, .190B, .190T, .195B, .195T, .200B, .200T, .205B, .205T, .210B, .210T, .215B, .215T, .220B, .220T, .225B, .225T, .230B, .230T, .235B, .235T, .240B, .240T, .245B, .245T, .250B, .250T, .255B, .255T, .260B, .260T, .265B, .265T, .270B, .270T, .275B, .275T, .280B, .280T, .285B, .285T, .290B, .290T, .295B, .295T, .300B, .300T, .305B, .310B, .315B, .320B, .325B, .330B, .335B, .340B, .345B, .350B, .355B, .360B.

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