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Euro Covert Coin

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Whether you live in Europe or you're traveling overseas for a visit, you may need a secret spot to keep a MicroSD card. If that's the case, the Euro Covert Coin is for you. Made from an actual uncirculated Euro coin, this 0.50 Euro contains a tiny compartment that you can't open without a special opening device; that means your MicroSD card and its contents are safe wherever you go.

Available in: Quarter, Half-Dollar, and Nickel (designed to precisely hold a microSD card). Also now available in a Euro, for our European customers or for those who will be traveling in Europe. The Euro Covert Coin is perfect for travel through and around the European Union with hidden data. It's manufactured from uncirculated .50 Euro coins, and when completed it is indistinguishable from a solid coin to the naked eye, and you will have peace of mind knowing that the encapsulated Micro SD card, and your data, is safe from obtrusion. It will vary by EU country depending upon availability

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