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7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick & Guide

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7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick & Guide
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KEYS to Understanding Tubular Locks is a self-teaching manual covering three basic tubular locks.

The tubular lock, in the form of the regular 7 pin version, has been around for many years; having been invented in the mid 1930's. It was named "tubular" because of it's key being a tube with the tumbler cuts cut around it. This type of lock has found great usage on vending machines, coin-op washing machines and dryers as well as coin changers. It is the most common type of tubular lock in use today

If you're new to the trade it would be wise for you to learn about tubular locks by purchasing a tubular training lock as well as some instructional material that covers the basics of picking a tubular lock. We also carry a dvd "Lock Picking for the New Millenium" that has a section on picking tubular locks and is chock full of lock picking information.

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