Slim Jims - Lockout Tools

No keys, no lock picks; just a good, old-fashioned slim jim. At LockPickShop, we know plenty of professional locksmiths, law enforcement professionals and security personnel who won't leave for a call without a slim jim in tow, and we don't blame them a bit. Even car dealerships frequently use slim jims. That's why we carry a wide selection of slim jim lockout tools so that you can expand your own collection. Whether you're replacing a broken or missing slim jim or you're growing your business, LockPickShop can help.

You'll find several different brands in our inventory because we know that every locksmith has different preferences. We have round slim jims, premium kits that include several styles, and Euro-Strip auto opening tools as well. We even carry clamp-on and extra-long slim jims to meet your needs. All of our prices are affordable, making it easy to maintain your business' image by using high quality, professional tools.

Adams Rite Slim Jim
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Adams Rite Slim Jim