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Padlock Drill Jig

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If you're working with a padlock that needs to be serviced and then reused, you're facing an uphill battle. If you have this padlock drill jig, though, things become significantly easier. This remarkable tool clamps rekeyable padlocks to drill for the retainer screw or pin. You don't have to worry about breaking the lock or its components and rendering it useless if you're using this convenient tool.

Once you've removed the cylinder and serviced it, you can reuse the padlock by tapping and inserting the screw in the hole. Many people find the optional LT612DG attachment useful for this part of the job, but it's not necessary. This compact, heavy-duty tool is much more affordable than breaking multiple padlocks. This padlock drill jig was designed to be sturdy, reliable and long-lasting, which means it's a wise investment if you spend a significant amount of time dealing with padlocks.

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