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Houdini Lock Pick Set

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You might not be a famous magician, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry a lock pick set that’s fit for one. The Houdini lock pick set, in the spirit of one of the world’s most talented lock pickers, contains four ultra-thin, strong and reliable picks tucked within what looks like a standard credit card at first glance.

This special, limited-edition version of the Houdini lock pick set has a few clever additions (aside from the four picks and double-sided tension tool, that is). The credit card number, if converted to the text letters on a telephone, spells out “Nothing can hold me.” The dates represent Houdini’s birth and death dates, and the ghostly image of Houdini himself makes up the background of the card case.

Please note that the Houdini lock pick set is a working pick set, but it is a novelty item. It’s not intended to replace a full-sized lock pick set, and it shouldn’t be used all day, every day on the job.

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