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Camera Lens Diversion Safe

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The next time someone thinks your camera is only for shooting snapshots and video, they will only know half the story. The Camera Lens Diversion Safe available at LockPickShop ingeniously doubles as both a camera and a safe to store your valuables. Completely indistinguishable from a normal camera, the diversion safe enables you to access your valuables quickly with the easy-to-use design of the safe, but at the same time conceal those possessions from would-be criminals, who will be deterred when they see nothing conspicuous about the items you are carrying. The safe has an 8 ounce capacity. Small jewelry and coins are among the small valuables that can fit inside the safe, which is housed beneath the camera lens. LockPickShop, which serves law enforcement, military, locksmiths and recovery specialists around the globe, offers free shipping of the Camera Lens Diversion Safe.

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