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Download 26 - Snap Guns and Electric Picks by bosnianbill

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Module 26: Snap Guns and Electro-Picks - Digital Download

Bosnianbill introduces you to snap guns and electro-picks, discusses when to use them, shows you how to use them effectively, and demonstrates different techniques.
This module gives an overview of the principles of lock pick guns and electric picks. Many prefer to use a lock pick gun vs. a standard set of lock picks. Traditional lockpick tools take time, patience and some skill to use properly. Lock pick guns are generally mastered very quickly and are sometimes preferred for pin tumbler locks over lock picks for their ease-of-use and speed.
11:23 plus 41:46 of supplemental videos

Automated Tools:
  • Pick Guns and Demonstration
  • Electro-Picks and Demonstration

Digital downloads are non-refundable. Tools are not included.

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