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Module 8 - Locks to Learn on by bosnianbill

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Module 8 - Locks to Learn on - Digital Download

What locks do you need to learn lock picking FAST? This is a logical progression to learn lock picking, beginning with simple, 4-pin locks and progressing through complex, mixed-pin locks. In this module Bosnianbill discusses the progression that will help you learn efficiently and quickly, using standard commercial locks. (21:37)

"Locks to Learn On" includes the following topics & demonstrations:

  • a. ML #1, #3, or #5 (Open keyway, 4 standard pins)
  • b. ML #7 (Small Keyway, 4-pins)
  • c. ML #140, Brinks 4-Pin Padlock, Abus 55/40, or Abus 65/25 (Beginning Spools)
  • d. ML #570 or Brinks 5-Pin Padlock (Intermediate Spools)
  • e. ML #532 (Intermediate Spools)
  • f. ML #911 or Abus 72/40 (Advanced Spools)
  • g. Hercules 600 (Herculock) (Intermediate Standard Pins)
  • h. Wilson Bohannon (Advanced Standard Pins)
  • I. Abus 84/20 (Tiny keyway, mixed pins)
  • j. American 1100 or 1200 series (Serrated Pins)
  • k. Ultimate Challenge Lock (6-Pin) Sargent Keyway
  • l. Ultimate Adversary Lock (7-pin) Schlage Keyway

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