Automotive Lockout Kits and Auto Entry Tools

At LockPickShop, you'll find a plentiful selection of locksmith tools to help you with auto lockouts on a wide range of vehicles. From our comprehensive automotive lockout kits to our unique selection of individual auto entry tools, you'll find everything you need to perform successful car openings as a locksmith. Many of our car lockout kits come in protective cases that help ensure that your tools will last for years to come. Plus, we offer high-quality, durably engineered products that are made right here in the U.S.

You don't have to be a locksmith to reap the benefits of these professional auto lockout tools. In fact, many of our pro automotive lockout tool kits, slim jims and other tools are the same as those used by professionals in law enforcement, emergency rescue and firefighting. In addition, many auto dealers and recovery specialists use these high-quality auto lockout tools to gain access to vehicles on the job. With such a great variety of items from which to choose, it's easy to stock up on all the tools you need for successful car openings when you shop at LockPickShop.

Our professional automotive lockout kits include all the essential tools you need for car lockouts. Get the basics that you need for just about any job, including pump wedges, slim jims, jigglers and tryout keys. We also carry specialized tools for more specific jobs, like gas cap jiggler keys, long-reach tool extension handles and key extractor scissors. For beginners, our helpful manuals and DVDs will get you on the right track to starting your own locksmith business. Order your professional automotive lockout kits and auto entry tools at LockPickShop today.