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XGEN Lock Picking Training Kit

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XGEN Lock Picking Training Module

The XGEN- Training kit was designed specifically for students of the locksmith trade and locksport enthusiasts looking for a really challenging kit at a economical price. If the components of this kit were purchased individually theprice tag would be in excess of $350. Buy the kit and save yourself big bucks! Training Tools Included are:

  • Deluxe TriPik Stand
  • Set of 7 Progressively Pinned Schlage Practice Locks, 1-6 pinned plus an extra 6-pinned lock featuring spool drivers
  • Southord PXS-14 Pick Set - Our BEST-SELLING Lock Pick Set!
  • VSlot Cutaway Practice Lock, Schlage keyway - This is a vertically slotted cutaway practice lock, 6-pinned, with a Schlage keyway.
    The slots clearly reveal all the inner workings of the cylinder, both top chamber and plug.
  • "Master Resource" CD-ROM

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