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4 Piece Rivet Chicago Wafer Picks

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At LockPickShop, we're proud to carry this 4-piece set of riveted Chicago wafer picks because they're handy, convenient and ready for anything. Wafer tumbler lock configurations vary based on the manufacturer. However, the most common configuration is a single-bitted, five-wafer configuration; these are usually found on desk locks and cabinet locks, as well as some key switches. Others are designed for double-sided keys, and that's where this set of double-sided, riveted Chicago wafer picks comes in.

These double wafer lock picks are economical and manageable. They're all attached to a central pivot point for ease of use, and they're made from the finest materials. This set of four riveted Chicago wafer picks is a nice addition to any collection, because you never know when you're going to encounter a wafer tumbler when you're on the go.

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