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Armored Wallet - Dk Brown Leather Look

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are now being embedded in your credit & debit cards, passports, ID cards, hotel keys and many other cards you regularly carry. These RFID chips allow stores and government agencies to easily scan your personal information for legitimate purposes such as traveling in airports or shopping at the mall.

RFID scanning technology has advanced to the point that your credit cards and other personal information can be read from long distances. These mean that the "bad guys" can also read your credit card information through wallets, purses and pants pockets from across a room.

This type of identity theft is becoming widespread and will only get worse. We all need to take preventative measures to protect our credit and identity.

ARMORED WALLET products protest your credit cards and identity from thieves who would like to steal this information and go shopping (or WORSE) on YOUR dime.

Be Safe- Be Smart - Be RFID Protected with Armored Wallets

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