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Armored Wallet - Blk Leather Look

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Don't be a victim of credit card fraud or identity theft. Advanced technology in debit and credit cards, passports, ID cards, hotel keys and other seemingly secure cards use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips that are embedded into the card. This allows government agencies, stores and other entities to scan your personal information quickly and easily. When used for legitimate purposes, it's quick and convenient. However, this information can be read wirelessly from a distance by anyone who has the technology to do it. It is not enough to have your cards in a wallet or purse, as RFID readers can see through clothing and other materials. Identity and credit theft are becoming more widespread as the technology becomes more sophisticated, requiring everyone to protect themselves. With our Armored Wallet, you no longer have to worry, as your cards are protected inside until you're ready to use them. In this model, the wallet is covered in a black leather look material for a sophisticated appearance. Now you can be both stylish and safe.

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