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Universal Top Pin Loader

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This Universal Top Pin Loader allows locksmiths in the field to replace top pins & springs dropped during re-key. Peterson's unique spiral cut allows precision positioning, no matter what pin spacing you encounter. Our two pin loader lengths let you easily service short & long keyed locks. Kit includes a Universal Pin Holder, 2 Pin Loaders and is packaged in a virtually indestructible case. Our Top-Pin loader is invaluable for Re-Keying and Reloading Top Pins in European Type Locks.

This is the way to load top pins and springs in a Profile or Euro lock. No matter if you dropped a pin by accident while re-pinning or if you were clearing master pinning, this universal tool will will quickly allow loading regardless of the brand or spacing. Two pinning tubes are included so that 5 pin and 6 pin locks can both be loaded. The universal pinning clip also fits both Profile and Euro locks. Why buy a dozen loading bars when this tool does the work of all of them?

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