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Ultracut Mortise Cylinder - Kwikset

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LockPickShop offers a large selection of locksmith training tools for students and instructors, from training manuals to practice locks and cutaways. This Ultracut Mortise Cylinder has a unique design that makes it especially useful as a training aid. The cylinder is machined on both sides to show more of the interior of the lock than in other cutaway cylinders. This special design exposes more than the MaxCut and the Cutaway Mortise Cylinder. All 5 pin stacks are visible so that one can see exactly how the pins and springs interact when the lock is compromised with a lock pick or key, for a better understanding of lock construction. This model features a Kwikset keyway (a Schlage keyway is also available), and it has been specially designed for student locksmiths wishing to improve their lock picking skills. The Mortise cylinder is frequently found on glass and aluminum commercial doors. Not only is the Ultracut a valuable learning tool and practice lock - it's also a fascinating display piece.

Note that since additional metal has been removed, the UltraCut cannot be used with the Lock Stand. Use caution when this practice lock is used with a holding fixture.

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