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TRI-PIK Locksmith Package A

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For a great value, we have the Tri-Pik Locksmith Package A. This lock picking includes a Tri-Cylinder Deluxe Lock Training Station, which comes mounted on a stable, oversized PVC stand. The economical set includes 3 practice cylinder locks. There is a standard 2 pinned cylinder, which is perfect for a beginner to learn the art of lock picking. There is also a standard 3 pinned practice cylinder and a 5 pinned cylinder. By working your way up slowly from the simplest to the most complex lock, you can develop lock picking proficiency and be able to handle whatever challenge comes your way out in the field. Purchasing the Tri-Pik holding fixture and the 3 practice cylinders in a single package saves you money, making it a very smart choice. These locksmith packages are great for students and locksmith schools.

Please note that Tri-Pik Package A includes 3 standard practice cylinders and does not come with any cutaway cylinders.

Complete kit includes:

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