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Cutaway Transparent Dismantleable Combination Padlock

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Cutaway Transparent Dismantleable Combination Padlock

Combination padlocks have challenged locksmiths since they were invented, but LockPickShop has the perfect solution: the Cutaway Transparent Dismantleable Combination Padlock. Like the name implies, you can take apart this padlock and put it back together to explore its inner workings as you practice picking it.

Featuring a clear plastic back so you can see how the components move together, as well as all of the parts that make up an everyday Master padlock, this innovative learning tool shows you why padlocks work; that can give you a greater understanding of how to compromise them. It's an actual, working padlock, but you can dismantle the wheel pack and put the whole thing back together as you learn. The shackle, shackle collar and latch module all come apart, and the wheel pack is attached to the clear plastic disc when the lock is assembled.

LockPickShop is your one-stop shop for lock picking tools, learning aids and more. We keep our prices affordable because we want you to be able to learn this trade, even if you're on a budget.

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