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Visible Combination Padlock

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This Visible Combination Padlock available at LockPickShop is a modified 1500 series Master combination padlock that's most commonly used for storage units, lockers, tool cabinets and sheds. The Visible Combination Padlock has three-digit dialing with a dial that automatically locks under shackle tension. After a spell of time when these were out of stock, the Visible Combination Padlock is now back in stock, much to the delight of locksmith schools, military training officers, police and first responders, but now that it is back on the market, they can only get it at LockPickShop exclusively. The visible cutaway combination lock makes it easier to learn how to pick a combination lock. The back of this lock, exclusively designed by LockPickShop, been removed and the inside plate replaced with a clear cover. The toll-free order line at LockPickShop is available for any questions. Just call 1-877-919-LOCK.

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