Sidewinder Shim Extractors - Series 2

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Peterson's Sidewinder pick is an incredibly popular tool among locksmiths and other professionals. At LockPickShop, we know when something works; when it does, we try to make it even better and more valuable for our customers. That's why we sell this Peterson Sidewinder Extractor Kit – Series 2. It includes the original Sidewinder shim extractor, which allows you slip in beside a broken key and catch its tip while drawing out the extractor.

The Peterson Sidewinder Extractor Kit – Series 2 also includes a set of three other extractors with additional profiles that target the actual key cuts. These thin Sidewinders are surprisingly strong, giving you the ability to pull broken keys while lifting the cylinder pins out of the way. The best part is that this kit is affordable enough to make it cost-effective for most professionals, so you can build your own custom tool set without spending too much money.

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