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Remastered Soviet KGB Hollow Bolt

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Spy Bolt Weather-Proof Diversion Safe

You've never seen a diversion safe like this one. The Spy Bolt from Shomer-Tec is a new, improved version of the old Soviet KGB "dead drop" hollow bolt that was frequently used during the Cold War. With an O-ring seal at the top, beneath the head of the bolt, it's weatherproof and water resistant. It's ideal for storing small valuables and secret communications because nobody thinks to look inside a bolt.

The Spy Bolt weatherproof diversion safe is an actual 0.75-inch diameter bolt. The storage compartment has a diameter of 0.49 inches and a maximum depth of 2.7 inches. When sealed, the Spy Bolt's overall length is 3.43 inches, which means it's easy to transport while you're safely storing your valuables inside. At LockPickShop, we're committed to providing you with the latest innovations in diversion safes, and the Spy Bolt is right on the cutting edge.

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