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Schlage Wafer Pick Set

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Ideal for property managers who run older properties, such as hotels, apartments and office buildings, as well as locksmiths who are often called out to them, Schlage wafer pick sets can help you pick the unpickable. Several years ago, Schlage developed a wafer lock that they touted as impossible to pick with traditional tools, and they were right; standard lock picks won’t work. However, Schlage wafer pick sets will work.

If you peer down into a lock’s keyway and it seems as if the key should be shaped like a “C,” there is a strong possibility that you’re looking at a Schlage wafer lock. If that’s the case, you can whip out this wafer lock pick set and be done with your job in a snap. The best thing about this set is that it’s affordable (it’s certainly more affordable than a broken window or doorframe). This set can make your job much easier, whether you’re a property owner, manager, or professional locksmith.

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