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Peterson Extractor Kit-2

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Have you ever been stumped by a broken key that just won't seem to come out of the lock it's stuck in? Many professionals have, and that's why at LockPickShop, we carry the tools you need to solve this occasional problem. Case in point: the Peterson Extractor Kit 2. This kit contains broken key extractors that have been laser-cut from 1095 carbon steel. They're tough, sharp and durable, which means you can use them in just about any broken key situation and come out on top.

The Peterson Extractor Kit 2 includes Peterson's 3-piece double-sided extractor pliers set, a set of three single-sided extractors, three styles of Sidewinder extractors and a free bonus miniature saw blade extractor. It's all neatly packaged in a full-grain, calfskin bi-fold case. These fine, American-made tools might be exactly what you need to get out of a sticky situation, and it can't hurt to have them in your toolkit just in case.

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