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Peterson Knife Tool

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At LockPickShop, we carry all of the tools you need to be successful without breaking your budget, including this remarkable Peterson knife tool (item code P-Knife). Slender but sturdy, it can help you compromise padlocks and file cabinet locks quickly and easily if you know what you're doing.

Because many of these types of locks can be compromised by tripping the release inside the lock housing with a Peterson knife tool, it's often seen as the fastest solution. It can open many toe, heel, and toe and heel padlocks, as well as the most common file cabinet locks. With a comfortable, textured plastic handle, it's easy to grip in virtually any situation. To make things even easier, we include complete instructions; that way, you'll know exactly how to use this valuable tool when you don't have the time to tinker with the usual methods for opening padlocks and file cabinet locks.

This sharpened tool is 0.025 thick, has a molded handle and comes in a tough plastic tube.

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