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Master Keyed Cut-Away - Kwikset

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5 pinned Cut-Away Practice Cyl - Master Keyed -Right Handed - Kwikset Keyway

A Kwikset 5-Pinned Cut-Away Practice Cylinder intended for right-handed use can be one of the most valuable learning tools in your collection. You have a visual explanation for every action you take with this cut-away lock, and it comes with four keys to help you:

  • 1 grand master key
  • 1 master key
  • 1 change key
  • 1 non-working key

Because you can mount this highly effective cut-away cylinder in any of our Tri-Pik Holding Fixtures, including the one on the Lock Pick Station Plus, you can dramatically cut your learning curve through hands-on training.

This cut-away practice cylinder features a right-handed Kwikset keyway, and when you use it, you get an inside look at the inner mechanisms of the lock. You can watch the results of every move you make, which gives you something to fall back on when you're picking this type of lock in a real-world situation. LockPickShop is your one-stop shop for lock picks, learning tools and so much more, and we are happy to provide products like this Kwikset 5-Pinned Cut-Away Practice Cylinder so you can learn the art of lock picking.

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